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About OhMyMi

About Us

OhMyMi is a company formed by a group of working professionals with the aim of changing the conventional way of living into one that is automated all around. With our hectic daily lives, we have come to appreciate the aid that automated intelligence systems have brought to us and would like to share this experience with our clients as well. The dream of living in a fully integrated smart home that not only keeps you safe all day long, but also goes out of its way to make your lives the most convenient it has ever been can be made a reality.

We passionately believe that home automation is not something attainable only in the future, but should be made available to all here and now. We would also like to disperse the myth that owning smart homes requires a hefty budget and is only accessible to the wealthy. With our competitive prices that are tough to beat, anyone can realize their dreams of owning a smart home.

We have been working together for a long time in order to bring in a wide range of high quality smart home products to the market that aids with 90% of our daily routines from switching your lights on or off to brewing your coffee in the morning. Our products currently ranges from robotic vacuums, air and water purifiers, smart lights, smart surveillance systems including security cameras and motion sensors and an array of smart electronic devices. Some of the smart accessories that we carry include fitness trackers, smartwatches, action cameras and blue-tooth headsets. We strive hard to give our customers the best services possible. We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of service, products and warranty with competitive pricing which others cannot offer.

Why can we offer such competitive pricing?

We are wholesalers of smart home products locally and internationally. Simply, we import stock in large quantities, and we do mean LARGE. We ensure fresh new smart home products from the best sources at the best prices. All stocks are sold within 3 months of manufacturing date.

We constantly source from various markets to find the best prices of the SAME products, ensuring cost-saving from BEST shipping rates and BULK purchases. All products are brand new, original and from the same manufacturer.

Authenticity Guaranteed

OhMyMi guarantees that all smart home products sold through our website are 100% brand new and authentic and, will include the original packaging with serial numbers and where applicable, certificates of authenticity. We also guarantee that all the smart home products we sell are brand new and unused. Each item we sell bears the original manufacturer's serial number intact and without any alterations.
In fact, we are so confident in our guarantees of authenticity that we will refund double the purchase price if you get something from us that is proven to be a fake.
While we are NOT an authorized dealer of the brands that we sell, we do source directly through authorized dealers and distributors. We thoroughly screen all of our vendors on a regular basis to make sure that they meet the high standards we set for all our business associates.

And finally, welcome to OhMyMi, where home automation is not just the future but the present; assisting you and your family, be it in carrying out your daily house chores or performing the most mundane and routine of things like switching on your lights.

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