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Order Changes & Cancellations

You will receive an order confirmation via email after placing an order. If there are any discrepancies with your order, please contact OhMyMi as soon as possible to correct the issue. When the order ships, a shipment tracking number will be provided to the customer via email. To track your package, please refer to the Order Status Page.

There is a limited amount of time after placing an order where we can modify or cancel your order. If you would like to attempt to modify or cancel your order, please call us at (+603) 7496 1656. Please have your order number ready. Alternatively, you can request an order change/cancellation through our Live Chat or the Customer Service center.

Note: Orders placed through any company other than OhMyMi cannot be altered. For example, shipping address changes can only be changed for orders placed directly through OhMyMi.

We will respond to your request to let you know if we were able to modify or cancel the order. We cannot guarantee any request unless it is made over the phone or through live chat. Please note that if you did not receive a reply from OhMyMi, then your request to modify or cancel the order has not been affected. Please contact us if you have any questions with regards to the status of an order.

Need Help?

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