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Roidmi Eve Plus Review


Established in 2015 and invested by Xiaomi, Shunwei and Haiquan Fund, ROIDMI is also a part of Xiaomi Ecosystem Company that supports local start-ups company financially and helps them to secure a position in the market. This is done by making a minority investment then leaving them autonomous.

ROIDMI first started developing automotive products before turning its design and engineering expertise to cordless cleaning products. The company focuses on extraordinary design, outstanding quality and delivering best in class performance.

One of their latest product is ROIDMI Eve Plus that comes with an exciting solution, thanks to which the smart dust collection station can remove the dust from the robot vacuum itself.

When you receive your Eve Plus, you will also get one mopping cloth, a base charger, a power cord (3-pin UK plug), one water tank, 5 disposable dust bags and a user manual in the packaging bag.


The new Roidmi vacuum cleaner has as many as 18 sensors that are responsible for navigating the robot

The ROIDMI Eve Plus vacuum cleaner is an intelligent device for home cleaning, capable of effectively sweeping and mopping on its own. How does it do this? Its 4th generation super sensitive LDS LiDAR can quickly scan the whole house and automatically draw maps through SLAM algorithm, with an accuracy of 40% higher than that of the previous generation, as seen in Cordless Vacuum X30 Pro and X20. The fact that a virtual map of the premises can be accessed and used in the app is related to the laser spatial measurement using the laser distance sensor. This is the most precise type of navigation, but it also works differently depending on the LDS.

To assist with navigation, ROIDMI Eve Plus is equipped with 18 sensors to ensure a safe cleaning for both the machine and your furniture. For example, by using a cliff sensor, Roidmi EVE Plus detects steps and prevents falls. With the LDS sensor and the anti-collision panel, it detects obstacles and avoids bumping into them. Furthermore, small steps or unevenness are no problem for it, as it can easily climb obstacles up to 20 mm high.

The vacuum cleaner has an advanced and quiet carbonless motor, which boasts excellent durability that can remove all kinds of dust, hair and particles. In the lower part there is a brush that rotates just above the surface and collects all dirt. ROIDMI Eve Plus holds — what perhaps could be considered as — the strongest suction in a robot vacuum with 2700Pa suction power. Pair its superior suction with advanced navigation, it can clean your house efficiently and produce a satisfying end result.

Besides vacuuming, Eve Plus can also mop the floor. For this purpose, an attachment with a disposable microfiber cloth is attached to the electric water tank's underside, which you can easily throw away after contamination. When the mopping cloth is attached, the robot will automatically recognize that it should mop. The amount of water that drips from the 0.3-liter water tank onto the cloth is electronically controlled via the app.

Having a battery capacity of 5200 mAh means it can work for approximately 250 minutes of operation. Its recharge and resume feature surely will be useful for big residence as it allows the robot vacuum to automatically charges when the tasks are finished or its battery is low. If the job is not finished, it will immediately resume cleaning. Therefore, this smart feature definitely makes the EVE Plus suitable for premises above 250 sqft.

This robot vacuum features a HEPA filter. HEPA filter is a special “High-Efficiency Particulate Air-filters” that filter up to 99% of allergens out of the air. This is very helpful as the filter assures a better cleaning quality especially for allergy sufferers because a lot is going on in the air in our homes such as house dust, pollen, cat and dog allergens.

Like any high tech robot vacuum, the Eve Plus can be controlled via the ROIDMI app or Xiaomi Mi Home App that most Xiaomi users are familiar with. Those who already own a few devices from the Xiaomi universe will have already integrated quite a bit in the Xiaomi Home app, which is likely to make more people opt for the Xiaomi Home app. That being said, some of the few features that can be controlled via the apps include:

  • Space division
  • Merging and naming different partitions
  • Establish cleaning order (scheduled cleaning)
  • Restrict access to other area (no-go zones)
  • Manage zoned cleanup
How the smart dust collection station works

And of course, the star of the show belongs to Eve Plus' smart dust collection station that allows Eve Plus to empties its dust container without leaving it on your hands. It includes a garbage can for automatic emptying of Roidmi EVE Plus's tank contents, leaving it always ready for operation after every charge. When the vacuum cleaner detects a full container, it automatically comes to the charging base and empties its container into 3-liter capacity dust bags. This is made possible by the advanced Dumping 2.0 system and a 381 mm long pipe that transfers all the dirt from the vacuum cleaner to the bag.

Putting your hygiene as the top priority, the automatic collection station also integrates deodorizing and anti-bacterial technologies to eliminate that annoying smell of dust and packs the dirt into 3-liter capacity bags, preventing you from having to touch a single speck. Once the bag is full and needs to be replaced, you will receive a warning through APP ROIDMI — it's impossible to forget!

Real life testing

When the robot drives to the station after its cleaning, the battery is charged and the contents are sucked out of the dust chamber. The procedure can reach a volume of 80-90 dB, which most people consider “unpleasantly loud”. However, the vacuum cleaner also offers the possibility to schedule the emptying of the dust chamber, in case you do not want to start this process every time you finish vacuuming the house.

Comparison with S5 Max & S6 MaxV

Roidmi Eve Plus 1
Roidmi Eve Plus 2

Roborock S5 Max and S6 MaxV have a longer charging time — fully charging time takes 360 minutes — and can support 4 maps at once, so they are suitable for big homes. The two Roborock robot vacuums also are featured with carpet boost, smart top-up and no-mop zones, which are not featured in Eve Plus. However, ROIDMI Eve Plus makes up for this with its much powerful 2700Pa suction that performs as excellent as the Roborock robot vacuums and smart dust collecting station that spares you from cleaning the dust bin, thus saving you from dirtying your hands with germs. And just like S5 Max and S6 MaxV, Eve Plus support multiple maps saving and can store up to 3 maps at once.

All three robot vacuums have the same battery capacity (5200mAh), and yet ROIDMI Eve Plus' estimated run time is longer than S5 Max and S6 MaxV, operating approximately for 250 minutes compared to S5 Max and S6 MaxV's 180 minutes. Eve Plus also only takes 240 minutes to reach full charging while on the other hand, the other two take around 360 minutes to reach a full charge.

Besides that, it can hold more water with its 550ml water tank. The aforementioned smart dust collection station can hold 3L of dust in its dustbag in addition to the robot dust bin, whereas S5 Max and S6 MaxV hold 460ml only. This also means that the two Roborock robot vacuums users will need to clean the dust bin manually.

That being said, each of these three robot vacuums has its specialty that sets them apart from one another. What's for sure is that they excel in doing their task.

All in all, the price of ROIDMI Eve Plus is commensurate with the specifications. It is loaded with technologies and is currently one of the most advanced robotic vacuum cleaners. Given the top specifications, it can boast a wide range of features, and it is normal to cost more than a regular robot vacuum cleaner. Still, also you get to sit back and relax thanks to its automatic emptying of the dust bin.

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