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Lexus NX (AZ10) Brake Kit (Certified Refurbished)

Item No.
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Pre-Order Estimated Arrival: September 5, 2023
  • RM3,499.00

    • Compatible with: Volkswagen Passat CC (B8)
    • Volkswagen Passat CC
    • Year made 2008/2012
    • Certified Professional Refurbished Genuine Calipers


    Compatible with: Lexus NX (AZ10). Year made 2015-2021

    Lexus NX (AZ10) Brake Kit bring your driving experience to the next level of safety zone.

    vw cc mk1 2008 2012 brake pads kit

    Lexus NX (AZ10)

    Year Made 2015-2021

    According to a research from UTM.  70% OF ROAD ACCIDENT IN MALAYSIA ARE DUE TO BRAKE FAILURE.

    Brake failures can cause fatal accident especially modern car with turbocharged engine will need better brake to keep you and family safe.


    Steel Caliper Jammed

    Majority of the stock caliper is made of steel. Steel caliper will rust over time and jammed caliper causes vehicle to go sideway and caused accident. Especially during sharp corner, many vehicle brake jammed and it spins out of control.

    Brake overheat when going downhill

    Vehicle brake overheats after long period of downhill braking especially when the vehicle is loaded. Low quality brake pads will melt and rotor will bend. Usually the accident happened after brake failure when vehicle going downhill.

    Brake has slow respond

    The stock brake respond is not fast enough and it is not suitable for sudden sharp braking. These accident usually happened at junction, traffic light or rush road.

    Long braking distance

    Stock brake takes much longer distance to stop the vehicle. This accident happen usually in traffic jam. Stock brake need a long distance to stop. Sometimes the car infront has performance brake and it stops sharp, then the follower with stock brake will kiss the trunk of the car infront.

    Steering Vibrate

    Damage on stock disk rotor after some times of driving make your steering or even your vehicle vibrate while you brake. Some serious damaged or uneven disk rotor can even make the steering wheel shaking when you brake harder or emergency brake.

    Bad Handling

    Stock brake does not give you more levels of braking. It is harder to have comfort braking. You might also experienced bad corner braking during high speed corner or downhill corner.

    Performance brake works a lot better and comfort when:

    • Emergency.
    • Heavy traffic jam.
    • Uphill and Downhill. No more burnt rubber smell.
    • Any road condition.

    WHY US??

    mercedes benz eclass w210 1996 2002 brake pads kit

    Our brake kit uses only genuine product.

    • Maximize safety for your loved ones
    • Increase your car performance
    • Pro-long your brake pads life-span
    • Shorten your braking distance
    • Save time, save money, no need to visit workshop so often

    Use Genuine Product only.

    Brembo 17Z

    Brembo 6

    Brembo 4 and Sumitomo 2

    Caliper options:


    Caliper Brembo 6 POT + 4+1 POT

    Genuine Brembo 17Z set with front 6 Pot and rear 4+1 Pot. For Facelift model only.


    Caliper Brembo 4 POT + 2+1 POT

    Genuine Brembo F50 set with front 4 Pot and rear 2+1 Pot.


    Caliper Sumitomo 4 POT + 2+1 POT

    Genuine Sumitomo set with front 4 Pot and rear 2+1 Pot.

    Caliper Brembo Front 6 POT

    Genuine Brembo 17Z front 6 Pot

    Caliper Brembo Front 4 POT

    Genuine Brembo F50 front 4 Pot

    copy of untitled

    Caliper Sumitomo Front 4 POT

    Genuine Sumitomo front 4 Pot

    Disk Rotor options:

    Disk Rotor Design A - Slotted

    Slotted finish improves braking consistency by dissipating the heat generated and gas released as the pads come into contact with the discs, keeping the pad surface both cool and clean. Slotted surface also prevent water film forming when driving in the wet which is improves brake response. Consume least pads compared all the below.

    Disk Rotor Design B - Cross Drilled

    Extra flexibility and more durability at all temperature. The holes help dissipate heat and eliminate brake pad dust.

    Disk Rotor Design C - Cross drilled and slotted

    It combined both advantages from cross drilled surface and also slotted surface. It maintained the pads clean and also dissipate the heat, which makes it a longer life span.

    Disk Rotor Design D - Hook Slotted

    This disk gives best braking confidence, handling, and allows driver to spend least time on the brake pedal. Especially when you go track day, as lesser time you are on brake paddle bring you as faster lap time. Consume pads faster due to the performance given.

    Disk Rotor Design E - III Slotted

    This disk gives best braking confidence, handling, and allows driver to spend least time on the brake pedal. Especially when you go track day, as lesser time you are on brake paddle bring you as faster lap time. Consume pads fastest due to the performance given.

    Sample Outcome

    All calipers are Genuine Certified Professional Refurbished product from PORSCHE, AUDI, VW, LEXUS.

    We do not provide "Taiwan" or "China" Replica Product.

    All Products are in Pre-order term. Please allow 25-30days leading  time to prepare and modify to get best suit to your beloved vehicle.

    All Products come with 12 months warranty, except for wear and tear part or any physical damage.

    NO hidden charge, NO extra change, NO membership fee.

    Quality guaranteed. Workmanship guaranteed. Performance guaranteed.

    **Dual calipers is for modern electronic handbrake vehicle rear brake.

    **Pictures shown are for reference only, real product might have minor vary.

    **Performance brake kit is not for display purpose. It is about safety, comfortable and performance.

    Performance Brake Kit set included:

    1. Certified Professional Refurbished Genuine Calipers
    2. New Brake Disk Rotor
    3. New Brake Fluid Steel Braided Hose
    4. New Brake Pads
    5. New Bracket
    6. Free Installation (Klang Valley and Johor) / Free Shipping within Malaysia.

    Package Information

    SAFE AND  

    Lexus NX (AZ10) Brake Kit (Certified Refurbished)


    Lexus NX (AZ10) Brake Kit (Certified Refurbished)

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