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Directions to Us

January 26, 2021

Video Direction Guide:

Direction to us (1) : Park at LG 1

Alternatively, you can refer to step-by step guide below:

1 -  You will see the logo " CASCADES " in front of the building. Turn right to enter (Hint: Follow the black car!)

2 - Go up the slope around 100 meters.

3 - Turn left to enter the parking (LG 1). " MAXIMUS CAR WASH " is on your right.

4 - Look for the lift lobby.

5 - Take the lift to level "LG". (Note: You will only reach Level 3 when you take the 2nd Lift. Just follow the instructions for now and you will get there.)

6 - At level LG, turn left and go straight, you will see "Enjoy your food" restaurant on your right. Go straight.

7 - On your right, you will see a corridor in between the security/maintenance room & MuBa Cafe. Go straight to the end.

8 - Now, turn right. Take the FIRST lift to level 3.

9 - Our office is now on your right. Unit no. A-03-13(B).

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